Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pee Mail

Welcome to Muttley's Addition News! Muttley's Addition is the name of my neighborhood on the plat map I got when I moved here. It's a very whimsical name for a suburb.

Yep, I'm a blonde from the burbs, even drove a bimbo box for a bit, until the dog died. The van died two weeks later. Now, I dogsit for friends and neighbors, and even do a little fostering for a dog rescue lady. And drive a nice anonymous silver car, with no place on the hood for flowers or any other ornament. You never know now if it is me in the car going past, so just wave anyway.

So, what's up with the title of this post? Dogs are the ones who use pee mail to communicate. You know what I mean: your dog drags you to the first "post" to see if anyone answered his or her deposit from the day before.

I also draw and paint. Here is a picture of a wolf and cub I did for a friend...


Deborah Stevenson said...

Great first post! Lily here sniffed it and approves! But where's the picture? Wanna see, wanna see!

Deborah Stevenson said...

oh trish - duh! that picture was so beautiful I thought it was imported! I've only been awake 10 minutes, so I get excused for my dimwittedness.
That is just gorgeous. So incredibly expressive, and beautiful.
More, please.